The innovation and rapidly changing technology that is used to make the next generation of smartphone and other mobile devices possible may be worth your effort to investigate in greater detail. Consumers who fail to understand the full range of products, options and features they have available to them may be unable to make the purchases that will provide them with a better deal or value. Staying current and up to date with new and Read the rest of this entry »

When the iPhone came out, thousands of people stood in line waiting to buy it. Many people even spent the night and waited for hours to buy the smartphone. The iPhone is still a popular smartphone that allows you to simplify your life. It is so convenient to check your email or surf the Internet. There are thousands of free apps available for the iPhone. Some people prefer the Android operating system. Since the Android came out after the iPhone, there aren’t nearly as many apps for it. iPhone has a loyal following. Many people refuse to switch to Read the rest of this entry »

If you’ve seen the Internet and TV ads for the iPad, you probably already know that it’s extremely popular and sought-after. Here are a few reasons why:

User Interface (UI)
One of the best things about the iPad is its easy-to-use UI, which allows you to do everything from streaming your favorite videos to playing your favorite games seamlessly. Even if you prefer to read a book instead, the iPad doubles as a Read the rest of this entry »

So I was online doing the usual. You know: paying the bills, shopping for music, getting caught up on my shows and looking up cable and texas electricity providers – the usual. In all the hubbub of the usual grind, I realized it had been ages since the last time I checked my email. Imagine my surprise when I saw the inbox. The response to my previous post about the Nook and the Kindle was absolutely overwhelming. Some of you agreed with my appraisal, others thought that I didn’t spend enough time making fair or equal comparisons. While I maintain my initial stance on the matter, I decided to revisit the rivalry by comparing the Kindle Fire to the Nook Tablet.

Let’s start with the Nook Tablet. Small, light-weight, it can store up to 16 GB of data depending on the model you purchase. There are not a lot of apps for it at the moment but the battery life is long and reliable and it sells for 249 making it significantly cheaper than the iPad. The Kindle Fire at a glance fairs a little better in these comparisons. The Fire’s storage space is half of what the Tablet can offer, but it makes up for this with more apps, a sleeker design, better hardware and more apps on the market. The Kindle Fire is also much cheaper – about fifty bucks, give or take a dollar.

Like the last match up, it’s all about preference but in terms of dollars and cents, the Kindle wins this round.

The battle has begun, printed books are out and the Nook and Kindle are in, but which one is going to bring you more bang for your buck?

If you are looking for using you’re e reader simply to read and want the maximum comfort in the process then the Kindle would be a great choice because the colors stand out and won’t hurt your eyes after long hours and the battery life is outstanding. If you Read the rest of this entry »

When it comes to technology, there are so many different sources of it. Between the Internet, TV’s, iPods and everything else, it isn’t uncommon for someone to want all there is to offer.

If you’re facing the decision of deciding whether you’d like a tablet, laptop or a netbook, here is an easy way you can figure out what will be best for you:

Tablet: The tablet is great for when you’re at home and have a Wi-Fi connection. This isn’t something you’ll really want to take outside of your home since you will only be able to use apps Read the rest of this entry »

Amazon’s Kindle Fire will be released on November 15 and is sure to be a hit with consumers. It is guaranteed to sell millions of units before too long. Still, is the device going to appease everyone? The answer to such a question is not as clear as it might seem. There are plenty of things this device has going for itself and a few things that could potentially hurt its chances.

For starters, it is technically a Kindle, which is Amazon’s e-reader. Many people that love the Kindle may not like this tablet because it does so much more than Read the rest of this entry »

The E reader revolution is in full swing. More and more people each day are converting over to the process of reading there books on an E reader. There are many companies that now produce E readers, but not all are equal .Which one is the best for a general reader?

There are myriads of smaller companies offerings, there offerings are either over priced, display inferior technology or poor quality. The two main Competitors are the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook. This article will use both companies mid level machines to compare.

The Nook while considered a Read the rest of this entry »

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